Affordable Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Affordable Wedding Photographer

Where can you go to find quality wedding photography at affordable prices?  We offer our clients our full 25 years experience and over 1,200 weddings at a price you can handle.  How do we do it? We talk to the bride and groom to get an idea of your budget issues and what you are looking for in a wedding photographer. We find that sometimes it is possible to provide our clients with a custom made package that gives them everything they need (but not more than they need) within their budget constraints.  We call it "Designing a Package around our client's needs".  Here is a list of some of the things we can adjust to bring your prices down to something you can afford.

  • No Wedding Album - As  much as we feel it is important to include a wedding album in your package, we also understand that if you can't afford to hire the wedding photographer at all because of an included album, it is better to at least book the professional and worry about the album later.
  • Less Hours of Coverage - Do you really need to have your photographer cover both bridal prep AND groom prep?  Or do you honestly want your wedding photographer to show up at the house to take 2 hours of getting ready photos?  It has been our experience that couples rarely even order these photos, so its a great opportunity to not have it covered by your professional wedding photographer.
  • Remove the Frills! - Our packages offer many great benefits to our brides and grooms.  You can request ceremony videos, large portraits, and engagement sessions to name just a few.  Obviously, we feel that many of these so-called frills are very necessary, but we also know that they are expendable.  The important thing is to book a professional wedding photographer and don't settle for Uncle Jim. 

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The bottom line when it comes to working within our client's budget is to develop a package that fits their needs closely.  There is no reason to provide our brides and grooms with products or services that they do not need.  Custom tailoring a wedding photography package that gives you what you want is ultimately the best possible way to provide value.   During our sales presentation we will never try to talk you into items that you don't need.  Instead, we will ask you lots of questions to help determine what works best for each unique situation.  If a wedding photographer tries to push you into larger packages without regard to your stated needs, this is someone to avoid.